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What is Degenerative Disc Disease, what causes it, and what you need to know about treatment and prevention…

a NO B.S. look at one of the most confusing back pain conditions.

First off, the term “degenerative disc disease” itself is very misleading… the fact is, degeneration of discs is not a disease… it’s actually quite normal.

All of us experience some level of deterioration, however it’s the cases of excessive breakdown that actually lead to pain and other symptoms.

Degeneration of a disc is simply a breakdown and wearing away of the disc, which serves as a cushion between the vertebrae of the spine. Discs are a gel-like substance, comprised of over 90% water and are norm ally strong and durable, however, when placed under uneven pressure and compression for years they can easily give way.

So what causes all this uneven pressure? There are several factors such as excessive body weight and years of physical stress… however, the biggest cause is always a combination of muscle imbalances.

Muscle imbalances create uneven pressure and wear and tear by pulling ligaments, bones, and joints out of place… especially, the pelvis and spine.

For example, extended periods of sitting leads to an imbalance between the hip flexors (muscles in the front of the hip/upper thigh) and the glutes… and this imbalance pulls your pelvis and spine out of place.

The good news, when the body is close to balanced, there’s little or no uneven pressure and the compression on discs is dramatically reduced. So what does this mean? It means years and years of healthy discs… and that means no back pain J

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Article by Jesse Cannone of Jesse is a certified personal fitness trainer and post-rehab specialist and he has helped hundreds of individuals get relief from back pain. Visit his site now and be sure to sign up for his free email course on eliminating back pain.

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