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paul osborneHi, my name is Paul Osborne, and like you I have suffered with chronic lower back pain.

In fact, for 15 long years, I was unable to lead a normal life, even the simplest of tasks were a struggle, my whole quality of life, and day to day activities revolved around my Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, and lower back pain.

How My Lower Back Pain Started

My problems started after a sporting injury in 1989, I suffered 3 Prolapsed discs to my lower back. This caused Sciatic pain on my right hand side, a severe burning pain down through the back of my buttock and into the back of my thigh. I had a permanent feeling of pins and needles and numbness in my shin and on the top of my foot. I could never stand up straight, was always twisted – bent over from the hip, to my right hand side.

In later years I developed a condition called Spinal Stenosis, this caused an unbearable pain in the top of both of my thighs, I was unable to stand for periods of longer than 10 minutes and struggled to walk further than a few hundred yards.

I have nerve compression in my lower back, which has stopped my right foot from working, and up until 2 years ago lived every day with constant lower back pain.

My foot drop will never be cured and I have to where a foot brace, to enable me to walk properly.

During this 15 years, in an effort to rid myself of the crippling lower back pain, I have researched and tried just about every harmful pain killing tablet, every cream and lotion, every contraption and device, spent 1000’s on Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists.

Without doubt, some of the treatments and products that I used, gave me a small amount of relief, or made me more comfortable – I had stuck with my Osteopath for 15 years, week in week out, and for sure, it was his treatment that kept me reasonably mobile, but on the whole, the pain and discomfort was always there, my torso was always twisted, I was never able to the things that I wanted to do.

But also, to make things worse, due to my inability to do anything active, my weight had ballooned by 70 pounds to 266 pounds, which was putting even further pressure on my lower back.

My doctor and osteopath, had constantly tried to get me to lose some weight, and I would go on some crazy crash diet and lose a few pounds, but it didn’t take long to get back into my old ways, I was like a yo-yo. Going from one diet to the next, starving myself, and living off of rabbit food, there was no-way that I would have been able to sustain this kind of eating plan for any amount of time, even though I knew that by losing weight, I would reduce the intensity of pain in my lower back and legs.

In the spring of 2004, my Osteopath finally ‘gave up on me’, he felt that spinal surgery may be the best way forward. – I had refused the same operation in 1989 because of the dangers, and lack of guarantee that it would be able to offer me any improvement. PLUS…there was a chance that I could be worse!

There was also the 12 week recovery period – I run a small fitted kitchen business, and could not afford to have the time off, without having to employ a manager, which I could not really afford to do.

However, I decided to visit a gym and have a consultation. I told them my condition and my concerns. I was recommended to a personal trainer, Laura, whom had years of experience working with injured athletes.

Laura showed me that by strengthening certain muscles, in my stomach and in my lower back, that I would improve my posture, relieve tension from my spine, and altogether help relieve the pain from my lower back.

I was advised to avoid certain exercise machines such as the rowing machine, and the treadmill (Due to my dropped foot) I found that the stationery bike and the elliptical trainer were excellent, and I felt immediate benefits from the gentle and targeted stretching exercises.

Laura was also a wealth of information on diet and nutrition, she advised me that to lose weight successfully that I should eat a balanced diet, a healthy eating plan that I could stick to, without starving myself.

She also advised that for any person to lose weight that they should not deny themselves, the foods that they love, and that you should eat in moderation.

With this advise in hand I found an excellent fitness and weight loss program, on-line from Lose Fat Not Faith Program It was tailor made to my lifestyle and allowed me to eat almost everything.

In fact I could even have the occasional beer!

This really is one of the best programs around, and if you are serious about losing some weight and improving your overall fitness level, Lose Fat Not Faith have made having your own personal fitness trainer, dietician and personal motivator affordable.

Another thing that I discovered is that there are certain vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements that have all been shown to help back pain, slow down and prevent cartilage damage and reduce inflammation. I now use all of these supplements as part of my daily diet.

So what about the surgery? Well the surgeon who was due to operate on my back was so ‘astonished’ at my improvement; he refused to carry out the operation.

You can read a copy of the letter that he sent to my Osteopath here.

Surgeons Letter

Today, nearly 8 years on, I live a totally pain free life, I go to the gym at least twice a week and even lift weights.

I have started to play golf regularly, and I can now join in with my friends at 10 pin bowling, and other activities that I could only previously watch, in fact there is now very little that I cannot do.

I have not visited an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or any other kind of back specialist for over 5 years.

Now I know, one hundred percent, that none of this would be possible without the combination of products and treatments that I use, and which I call the lower back pain relief system.

So if your ready to start your lower back pain relief program, I am about to reveal to you exactly where you can get the information, and products that I use, so you can use them to also be free from your lower back pain, and start to live your life again.

Finally, I would like to wish you every success, with your new program. Also I would be delighted to hear about your success stories on the program.

With my very best wishes

Paul Osborne

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