standard Lower Back Pain Relief

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Lower back pain relief is brought to pass in most cases through interventional therapy, which involves blocking the conduction of nerve between specific areas of the brain and the body.

Injecting steroids, narcotics, and local anesthetics into affected joints, nerves or soft tissues, does this.

Traction is another method through which pain is reduced and in this case weights are used to apply force to pull the structure of skeleton into better alignment. The method called Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation is also employed to bring lower back pain relief. In this case a battery-powered device is used to send mild electric pulses along the nerve fibers in order to block pain signals to the brain.

Ultrasound is a therapy that is non-invasive and works by warming the internal tissues of the body that results in the relaxation of muscles. Fractures of the vertebrae are sealed by minimally invasive treatments like vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

In the former, a doctor guides a fine needle into the vertebral body and injects glue like epoxy, which hardens to stabilize the bone, and in the latter a special balloon is inserted and inflated to reduce spinal deformity.

At times surgical methods are used to bring lower back pain relief, and usually in cases where the patient does not respond to therapies. Procedures like Foraminotomy, Disectomy, are used to clear obstructions or internal injuries.

Moreover there are some complex treatments like IntraDiscal Electrothermal Therapy and Nucleoplasty among other that are used to alleviate back pain. In the first case thermal energy is used to treat back pain while in nucleoplasty uses radiofrequency energy to treat patients who suffer from contained or mildly herniated discs.

Other methods that bring lower back pain relief are Spinal laminectomy, a procedure that involves the removal of the lamina in order to relive pressure on nerve roots and spinal chords. Radiofrequency lesioning is a technique wherein conduction of pain signals is interrupted through electrical impulses and is used frequently by doctors to treat chronic pain in the back.

Another technique used to lessen back pain is Spinal fusion, and as the name suggests in this method involves the removal of two or more vertebrae and the fusion of two adjacent vertebrae. Other procedures that bring lower back pain relief are cordotomy, rhizotomy, and DREZ, which are surgical in nature and all of them involve the severing or destruction of the nerve root, nerve fibre or spinal neurons.

Many of the causes of lower back pain are work related and taking cognizance of this fact more and more employees are promoting ergonomically designed tools.

All in all modern sciences has developed various procedures to tackles this frequently occurring ailment and all the sufferers have to do is contact their physician who will prescribe the correct treatment to end their suffering.

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