standard Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is caused due to many reasons including ligament sprain, slipped disk, joint problems, muscle spasm or strain.

The most common reason for Lower Back Pain is your back muscle participating in activities involving the lifting of heavy objects like furniture of strenuous activities like yard work.

Another bad outcome of strenuous activities is the slipped disk, which involves the bulging of disk between bones and its subsequent pressing on the nerves.

The best way to relieve your Low Back Pain is to lie on you back on the floor, your feet on the chair and keeping pillows under your knees, with knees and hips bent.

This position takes all the pressure of your back; this sort of rest is prescribed for a period of 1-2 day for those resting a hurt back. Other measures for Lower Back Pain relief include heating pads, ice packs and massages.

Low Back Pain: Relief & Tips For Prevention

A doctor needs to be called in case the Low Back Pain reaches your leg or below your knee. Furthermore you need to seek medical help when you have numbness in groin, rectal area, leg or foot, fever, nausea, stomach ache, sweating, all as a result of pain in the lower regions of the back.

The situation might also be serious if you lose control over going to the bathroom or the pain is so intense that it inhibits your movement.

All these symptoms and their treatment must be directed at the cause. In this case it being Lower Back Pain. After consulting your doctor you might just have to loose weight, or get your muscles in better shape, and improve your posture while standing, sitting, or sleeping.

But as they say prevention is better than cure and Low Back Pain is best avoided than treated. To prevent back strain, some basic precautions have to be taken, like squatting on your hips and knees to pick up heavy objects and pushing rather than pulling heavy objects.

You must also take care to break up the time to stretch if you are sitting at your desk or at the wheel of a car or truck for long hours. But in the end nothing works like exercise. As an exercise you can stretch your back muscles gently by lying on your back with your knees bent and raising your left knee slowly to your chest, at the same time pressing your lower back against the floor.

You should hold this position for five seconds, relax and then repeat the exercise with the right knee. It would be advisable if you did 10 of these excises for each leg, switching legs.

In the end you must be generally active to avoid Low Back Pain and swimming and walking are as good as an exercise as any.

Moreover, non prescription analgesics like aspiring, naproxen; ibuprofen, acetaminophen etc are used to reduce pain or swelling.

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