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Firstly, when considering herniated disc treatment, there are several things that must be considered before taking any kind of action.

The herniated disc treatment that you decide on will depend how severe the pain is, the size of the herniated disc, and what treatments that you have already tried. In around 90% of cases effective herniated disc treatment can be achieved without the need for a surgical procedure.

Now if you have read our previous page ‘herniated disc symptoms’ you will know that most of the actual pain you are feeling is caused by an inflamed nerve, and/or muscle spasm, not from the actual disc itself, so the first steps to herniated disc treatment to consider, is to reduce the inflammation, and therefore reduce the pain.

Herniated Disc Treatment Options

An efficient way to help reduce the inflammation is to apply a cold pack. This method should only be used if you are in the acute stages of suffering, usually for the first six days. After this time intermittent hot and cold treatment should be applied. If you do not have hot or cold packs available, you could try either a packet of frozen peas as a cold treatment and a hot water bottle as heat treatment. These should both be wrapped in a towel to protect your skin – and applied for 2-3 minutes each for 10-15 minute intervals. Repeat the procedure as required.

A more powerful herniated disc treatment is to take an anti-inflammatory tablet, however as a herniated disc takes an average of 6 weeks before full recovery, and sometimes a lot longer, taking over the counter inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen and naproxen, over this period of time can cause many ill effects, such as heartburn, stomach upsets, diarrhoea, and even stomach ulcers.

A far better choice of herniated disc treatment is the  Heal’N’Soothe anti inflammatory remedy from The Healthy Back Institute. This is the product that I personally use, which virtually eliminated my back pain overnight, after 18 years suffering

What’s more the product is totally natural, with no side effects. If you would like to know more information on Heal N Soothe you can visit their website here

Effective Targeted Exercises For Herniated Disc Treatment

Another method of herniated disc treatment is to start a targeted exercise and stretching program. Not only is targeted exercise helpful in reducing your pain levels, but it will also strengthen the back and abdominal muscles that support your back, however, you must be careful as not all lower back exercise is good for you, in fact some can do more harm than good.

For more information targeted exercises visit the  lower back pain exercises page.

Aerobic exercise is also a good way to relieve muscle tension in the lower back area, plus you get the added benefit of releasing natural endorphins into your body – this is the bodies natural pain killer, and a great herniated disc treatment option. Again you must be careful, your chosen aerobic exercise must be non impact, and certainly not put any additional strain on your already painful back.

One half – hour session on a stationary bike, or in a swimming pool should have you feeling a lot better, do this every other day, combine it with some targeted back strengthening exercises and you will be well on your way to saying good bye to back pain for good.

Obviously starting an exercise program when your back is bad (when you can’t even stand up straight) – is difficult, but believe me, if you can grit your teeth, and get to a swimming pool or get that old stationery bike from the garage, you will be feeling so much better after just half an hour. Trust me on this one.

If the idea of an exercise program really is to much for you, another herniated disc treatment is an epidural steroid injection.This injection into the lumbar area of the spine is designed to eliminate some of the pain and eliminate as much of the inflammation as possible. This injection does not work for everybody and is also short term, sometimes only relieving the pain for the first few weeks, although a second injection can sometimes last a lot longer.

In the worst case scenario surgery will be recommended, but this is usually only necessary in approximately 5% of herniated disc sufferers. In extreme cases, a herniated disc can effect the nerves that cause bowel and bladder problems, and also can cause the foot and toes to stop working. In these instances herniated disc treatment surgery will probably be advised. by your medical practitioner. However, in most cases a good anti-inflammatory remedy, such as Heal N Soothe together with a targeted exercise and stretching program will be the most effective solution for rapid pain relief, but you must also start to build a long term herniated disc treatment plan, or you will find that your pain will return time and time again, and in many cases – if neglected – will never never go away.

It’s not that difficult to build a couple of hours of exercise into your weekly timetable. You may even find that you enjoy it! Not only will your back be stronger, your overall health and fitness will be better, but you can make back pain a thing of the past.

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