standard Do You Suffer With Back Ache?

Burning backache especially in the lower back takes many forms and can result from many conditions and causes.

Usually the cause could be from a fall or a person has lifted a heavy load. Some backaches could be the result of illness or spinal deformity. Often enough burning back related ache comes on gradually and it is not easy to diagnose the cause. Back pain could be acute or chronic.

Poor posture is one of the main reasons for chronic burning backache. Nervous tension, improper footwear, slouching, sleeping on a very soft mattress, female pelvic disorders, rheumatism, slipped disc, sciatica, degeneration of the spinal column, arthritis and other bone diseases are some of the other reasons which are the cause of back pain.

The symptom for a backache depends upon the cause of the problem. If your back has had an injury or strain, stiffness, muscle cramps and spasms may result.

The pain usually creeps up slowly or suddenly in the lower back or the buttocks which can be aggravated by further injury or movement which will last for 2 to 3 days and then gradually it will decrease over the next few days. Sciatica is the worst pain you could get.

It can come slowly or suddenly and sends a shooting burning pain from the buttocks down towards the leg and the foot. Usually one leg and foot is affected. The other indication of back pain is tingling, numbness and weakness in one or both the legs. Smoking is another cause of backache causing malnutrition in spinal discs. Usually smoking affects people with small stature.

When ache persists it is time to go to the doctor for a check up. Who knows the pain could be due to a minor condition only.

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