standard Back Pain

Back pain is a common phenomenon and many people suffer from it. However, a large portion of them are unaware of the reasons or the causes of this problem.

A strain in the muscles is a major cause of the pain the back. Although back related pain may emerge suddenly, it may be caused by a problem which has plagued us for a long time. Back related pain is generally not a serious problem and disappears quickly in most of the cases.

However, medical advice is essential in cases where the pain persists for a long time. It is a general notion that bed rest is the best cure for this pain. But evidence has shown that rest does not aid in the recovery of a person suffering from backache. It is much better if one carries on with normal activities while taking some measures for relieving the pain.

Back Pain is Common in 8 out 10 People

It is one of the most common ailments with 8 out of 10 people experiencing it at one or the other point of time in their life. Pain can be acute, recurrent or chronic.

Most of the people suffering from Back pain fall in the first category wherein the pain vanishes in about six weeks and home remedies prove to be very effective. In the case of the recurrent category, the pain reappears after some time while chronic pain lasts for a longer period of time.

The intensity of Back pain varies from person to person. It can vary from a dull ache to a searing pain and its onset may be sudden, without any reason. Severe and recurrent pain should not be ignored and proper medical advice should be sought. People experiencing difficulty in passing urine or having numbness in the back or the genital area, weakness and a shooting pain in the leg or feeling unstable while standing should consult a physician immediately.

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