standard Back Pain Exercise – An Easy Way To Keep Your Back Fit


The exercise that are mentioned below are stabilization exercises, but if you are suffering form chronic back pain then you must first see a therapist before undertaking this training. Remember, these are strengthening exercises and not stretching exercises so you need to give this regimen a break a few days in a week to the body some rest and build strong muscles.

Every individual has specific needs and thus it is necessary to go to a licensed physical therapist who will help you design a personalized exercise routine

The first back pain exercise is the Trasversus Abdominus muscles strengthening exercise which involves a person lying on his/her back with knees bent, with the knees and feet being shoulder length apart. The belly button is then draw towards the spine all the while maintaining a neutral spine. You now need to exhale and reach towards the ceiling like performing a trapeze act. You then raise your head and shoulders off the floor to a point where the shoulder blades are just touching the floor. You

must hold this postion til 1-2 seconds and repeat the whole performance till you are fatigued.

You should perform this routing 4-5 days per week one time a day.

Another back pain exercise is the Gluteus Maximus muscle strengthening exercise commonly known as the buttock exercise.

In this case, you must lie on the stomach on a table or a bench with the hips and legs protruding off their ends. You then must tighten your buttocks and slowly extend the leg up towards the ceiling all the while maintaining a neutral spine. This position must be held for 5 seconds and 4-10 repetitions per side are a must. The routine should be 4-5 days a week, one time per day.

The hip abductor exercise or the Gluteus Medius muscle strengthening routine is a back pain exercise involving raising the leg laterally at the hip supporting the pelvis when standing on the single leg.

If this does not work then another technique is to lie on one’s side with the back against the wall and drawing the belly button in all the while maintaining a neutral spine. The upper leg is then raised with the toes slightly pointing towards the ceiling and the heel maintaining contact with the wall, albeit slowly with a 2 second hold at the top.

You should perform 10 repetitions per side, 4-5 days per week, 1 time per day. You must take care that all these back pain exercise must be preceded by warm ups and it is always advisable to consult your physician or a medical professional before embarking on any exercise routine.

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